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AoE knight guide (quick leveling)

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AoE knight guide (quick leveling)

Post by 2side on Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:11 pm

Allright, my first guide, doesn't mather if it's the first or not lol.
Anyway, one small thing for Ange: if this is in the wrong section just move it Wink

Now to the bussiness in hands. I made this guide from my game expirience and from my build.


STR: xxx (unlimited) - all these stats can be changed at any time, but for greater damage I advise to leave them like this.
STA: 110 - can be adapted to your gaming style
DEX: 15 - lol, really, DEX won't do much to you.
INT: 15 - if you add stats on this, either your just playing around or your really sleepy.

In my opinion, this build is quite good for my gaming style, the HP is quite nice, around 20-25k, the damage is just superb, I deal 25k with AoE skill on cyclops with just 3 rebirths and no upcut and with a 28% atk pierced suit it really makes you go wild.


Now, here comes the hardest. Knightert/Knightz is just great, pierce it with +28% atk and you'll pwn, but you can also get the bloody set, I don't know if it's good or not, because I use Knightert.

So, you got your set, but now you need some weapons!


As for this, get this: Ultimate Guardian Ambixideous Axe+10 with +75str. For start this one is great! after your level 105, get the Ultimate Legendary Golden Big Axe +10 +75str. This one is awsome but still, you'll want more FP and more damage.
Now one that you can't create with the UserCP. The best AoE axe in the game, for knight. First off, get 2b, go to darkon 2, buy an Ultimate Bloody Two-Handed Axe and try to make it +10 using Shiny Oriclariums. This will be very painful, since its very, very, very hard to make it +10. When you make it, buy some diamonds and some moonstones and make it +75str. So, now you got yourself a nice set, a nice axe, but you might want abit more STR, so awaken your suit and axe to get it ^-^


Now, to the best part.
The jewelery will make you increase your damage by over 2k, yes 2k.

In my opinion, this is the ideal jewelery:
- Demols+20
- Vigors+20
- Peision+20 (optional)
- Gore+20 (optional)

This jewelery will increase your final damage by 2k, your HP by 1k or your FP by 221 if I'm not mistaken.


The easiest part is now over, but let's go to the hardest part that people find.

First of, just get yourself to level 15 and go to the UserCP and chan ge your job to Mercenary.
After this, head to Saint Morning, kill some Wagsaacs and why not some Giant Bangs, which are right next to Wagsaac's. By this time, you should be around level 30 or more, so head to Totemias or Carduppets. It's your choise, really. So, at level 50 or so, head to Darkon 1 using the UserCP Teleport tool, which is quite useful. Go kill some drillers thill your level 60.
Congratz, your level 60, now go to the UserCP and change your job to knight.

Don't get out of the UserCP, teleport yourself to the 1st floor of the Tower and kill those monsters thill your level 65.
Here is where the Real leveling starts. Use the UserCP or buy an Azria ticket and kill some Yettis using AoE skill. Oh yeah, get a nice looking CS pet, will make your life alot easier. ^-^

So, you should be around level 75 or so when you get out of yetti's and you should have gathered a nice amount of money. Go to Augus, gather them all and kill them. Right there, if they all drop money, you should get around 13m per monster. They are like 20 or so, so do the maths xP.

At level 90, go kill some Mutant Augu's, these will also drop quite a nice amount of money. When you are level or so, go to the GM Island and head to Mammoths. If you wanna go there at level 95 or so there are also Shuhammas, quite nice also. Even if you try, you won't be able to collect all Mammoths which is quite sad. At level 110 or so, you should be able to kill Cyclops X. So kill them. ^-^

Food and Usables

Nearly forgot this!
Use the nice CS soup that heals you fully, always have like 500 of them or so, always walk around with Vital Drink X and if you want some nice UpCuts.

Well, if you have any questions, suggestions or something else, just post.


They go to me, but they shouldn't, they should go to Ange for making this amazing server.
Still, I'll take just a small portion of them, for typing and thinking, the rest goes to Ange.


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Re: AoE knight guide (quick leveling)

Post by Gravious on Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:18 am

Good Guide 2side !,

I might use this if im going to make a Knight Very Happy

But why you can't make your Bloody Two-Handed Axe, Ultimate +10 with +75 STR ?.

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Re: AoE knight guide (quick leveling)

Post by 2side on Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:57 pm

Lol, for some wierd reason, if you try to make it from green+10 it turns to an ultimate angel big sword, and if you buy it as a ultimate +0 it simply doesn't make it +10+75str... Already wasted 1.2b on that... Owell... I'm making some more chars to try out and make more guides, so hope for more! ^-^


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Re: AoE knight guide (quick leveling)

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