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[GM Application]Gravious

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[GM Application]Gravious

Post by Gravious on Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:00 pm

Hello Everyone,

My Name:
In real life is Ralph and my IGN is Gravious

My Age:
Im 13 years old

Where am i from?:
Im from the Netherlands (Europe)

Time Zone:
GMT+1, im quite active on CoolFlyff

Experience as GM:
When v11 came out i actually stopped playing Flyff for a while and started making my own servers, from then on i learned a lot of Private Servers (Coding/Developping/Photoshop), i hosted that Private Server, so i was Admin. Helping a lot of people, and after a while i knew all commands. (I still know them now Razz).
I can code a bit of C++, i'm learning it now.

How long i've been playing CoolFlyff:
Now for 4 days and this is a really nice good developped server Very Happy
i enjoy my time here Razz

Why i want to be a GM/Why would i be chosen as a GM?:
I like helping people who have problems: (Ingame/with their Client/Other Stuff)
I love giving Events
I can obey the Rules XD
I have a lot experience being a GM
I know all the Commands and i have a good Item ID list.
I wont abuse my function
Im playing Flyff since V6, so i have a lot of experience with Flyff the game itself.

What im going to do if im chosen as a GM?:
I'm going to help people as much as i can
Give events, sometimes.
Maybe help Ange with developping and give ideas. (i already have some) Very Happy
Maybe some development on the website (On Design)
and of course i'll be Fair, Loyal and Kind.

Well, i hope you guys accept me as a new Staff Member.


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