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The usercp

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The usercp

Post by Ange on Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:21 pm

To make an ultimate+10 with jewel setting ( str or int):
First step:
Go to Roocky and buy an ultimate wep +0 or Go on the usercp with your green wep and click on "Make Ultimate"
Then put the ulti wep+0 in your bag:

Remove the item you have in the slot 4 on your inventory.

Second step:
Go on the usercp and click on "Ultimate+10...."

Third step:
Go on the game and look at the slot 4 in your inventory, you will see the new wep.

To change job: jobs lvl 15, lvl 60, master and hero:
Just click on Changejob and choice the job you want.

To get buff:
Just click on Buff and then you will be on the Buff tool.

Trade 2.5k skillpoints to 625 stats points:
Click on "Trade...", if you have 2.5k skillpoints, you will have 625 statpoints added to your char. You can use this tool id you have like 5k skillpoints. Why 2.5k skillpoints to 625 statpoints ? Because with 10k skillpoints you can have 2.5k statpoints.

Have fun. Ange


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