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Kiyo's GM App. ^-^

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Kiyo's GM App. ^-^

Post by kiyo on Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:40 am

Well hai. o.o My names Lexi/Shaunna. I'm 17, I'll be 18 at the end of july. xD And I'm applying to be a GM. o.o
I have been a GM for four flyff ps. FlyffExtreme I was head Admin for but it eventualyl got turned into a RO ps. There I pretty much helped out as many players as I could. Fixed a few bugs here and there.
FlyForLove was my second flyff ps. I was a developer for them. But that private sever only lasted a few months. Due to the owner moving etc. The third one was Flyff in darkness. That was a German server but I found my way around it lol. I was just a basic GM for them. Which pretty much involved holding events, helping out players, sorting out lost items in rollbacks/wipes. The fourth one I worked for was shadow flyff. I only worked there a few days and then quit because the owner was a complete ass. x.x
But anyway. I would like to be a GM because I love to test my skills. I like to see how far I can develope them and I love new challenges. I would pretty much do anything I was told to do. xD
The one thing I wouldn't tolerate as a GM is player nagging for items. It just really annoys me. x.x So that maybe the only time I lose my temper. Other than that I know C++cand C#. So whether that would come in handy or not I don't know.
Anyway enjoy reading I guess LOL.


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