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What you have to know about the server

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What you have to know about the server

Post by Ange on Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:28 am

Some simples rules:
1) Not glowing in town
2) Not upgrading in Flaris and SM
3) Not use bugs

Some importants things:
You can do piercing and upgrading in Darkon 2 ==> Bobochan
You can buy Ultimate Weps in Darkon 2 ==> Rooky, 4th things.
If you have any prob ==> First, ask if there is a gm on. Second, post your prob on the forum. Third, send an e-mail at: ( Don't do the 3 things if one work >.>).
The website is : ( to see that u have to join the hamachi network :3).

==> Have fun <==


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