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StoneCOld :3 or Hugo

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StoneCOld :3 or Hugo

Post by StoneCold on Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:51 am

[center]well my real nae is hugo k?
in gam is StoneCold

many ppl got problem at me idk y n idc XD im 17 live in mexico yes im mexican btw dont like those stupid mexican jokes amercan dudes got k? also i dont like racisit ppl so if you want to offense me well it wont work k? cus thats make me feel inportant for u xD i mean am i that inportant that u need to bother me to call my attention?

well also i love knowleged prefer wise ppl as ange, lafka or urban

best dude i gto here agent even ppl tell me he hipocrit idk xD also zastin he is a great dude

for paul and cristian idc what u thuin bout me k?

u have to take your jeans and put them in so be a man and act like a man k?

if ppl inpolite to me dont relly car ebout me cus i just will ignore u XD cus i wont abuse power k?
any other info bout me this is my msn inpolites n inmature dont add cus ill laugh at your face XD
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